RVD Explains How He’d Spice Up Wrestling

RVD Explains How He’d Spice Up Wrestling

How to “Spice Up” Today’s Wrestling: “I would say bring back the day of the jobber. When I was a fan, when I was younger, wrestlers were larger than life because I would watch them totally annihilate some local scrub, some guy that was in the ring, I didn’t know who the jobber was. We called those enhancement matches and they hardly ever do them anymore. That to me was how you build the wrestler, and when I found out two of these superstars would be battling each other, whether it was near me at a live show or when it was on Saturday Night’s Main Event, that was huge and it drew great interest and enthusiasm because I got to see these two big wrestlers who I’ve seen just destroy everybody actually face each other.”

Van Dam feels that the Monday night wars forced both companies to abandon jobbers and always put on marquee matches, but looking back, it’s hurt the companies’ abilities to build stars and the overall product:

“Ever since Monday Night Wars, every single match from the bottom to the top of the card seems like it has to be main-event quality — superstar vs. superstar, superstar vs. superstar — and then you gotta find a political way to go into the finish, you know, to try to deck one guy while doing what you want with the other. It’s a bunch of bulls**t I think. You know, I really think that the enhancement matches were what brought everybody into WWE in the ’90s.”

The possibility of returning to WWE or going to TNA: “I mean, it’s possible that I could be interested in either TNA or WWE if it was the right amount of work vs. pay ratio. That’s basically what it is, and I haven’t had that deep of conversations with anyone yet, really. So I don’t know if it’s out there or not, since I haven’t been the active one out there pursuing, you know, the information comes to me as it comes when they’re reaching out to me.”


Jobbers need to be brought back.

I agree, the "Monday Night Wars" hurt wrestling and forced younger talent to be held back.

The "war" also hurt young wrestlers chance to move up.

What's going to happen when the older wrestlers are gone and no one is there to take their place?

Wrestling promotions need to start thinking about that. If not then they are just trying to make a quick buck and don't care about wrestling.

Stop supporting promtions like that.
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NWA/ Wrestling Territories

National Wrestling Alliance

The Sad Story of the NWA (National Wrestling Aliiance)

For any wrestling fans who have been around awhile, the initials N.W.A. carry great meaning. The NWA at one time was the largest wrestling company in the World, now they are only a blip on the wrestling world's radar.

The NWA started out as a Governing body for all regional wrestling promoters involved. Basically they divided up the US, Canada and Japan into sections, where each section was run by a different promotion. They were called territories.

The main advantage of this was that the promotions could lean on each other if another company tried to encroach on their territory. They did this by sending major stars to the area in question to try and shut down whatever competitor was coming in.

The NWA had one true World Champion who would travel from Territory to territory to defend the belt against the top stars of each area. This system allowed for many young stars to appear as if they could beat the champion but always came up a bit short in the end.

This system worked well for decades, with legends such as Ric Flair and Lou Thesz holding the World Title and going from promotion to promotion to help the local TV shows.

Each Territory had a head promoter who was responsible for their own promotion, but each one had to report to the NWA Board of directors. This made it so their was very little competition between companies.

The biggest benefit of this system was that it allowed for stars to build themselves up in different companies with different people. This allowed so many great stars like the Legion of Doom and the Fabulous Freebirds to jump from one promotion to the other.

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I'm Just Saying: Hulk Hogan Should Really Shut Up

I'm Just Saying: Hulk Hogan Should Really Shut Up

Hogan left the WWF in the early 90s, and it was mainly because he both wanted to do movies and take a break for wrestling. He also wanted time with his family.

He had young children, and he wanted to be around for them. This is, of course, understandable.

He was gone from wrestling, and the WWF was just fine without him. However, WCW needed some star power, so they contacted Hogan.

And, instead of making him a big babyface (good guy) like he was in the WWF, Eric Bischoff wanted Hogan to be a bad guy. He also offered Hogan a ton of (Ted Turner's) money.

During this time, Hogan was highly competitive. He did every shoot interview asked and put down the WWF with the best of them.

However, when WCW went under, largely due to Hogan and Bischoff's terrible business decisions, he went back to the WWF. Vince McMahon owned WCW by this time, and could use the NWO name.

Article <---LINK

Hogan can talk all the crap he wants, but in the end it means nothing. Talk crap about the WWE, Hogan. Tell the fans that their opinion doesn't matter. At the end of the day, TNA will lose and Spike's ratings will still suck because of what you have done.

Hogan is going to kill this company; he's simply in the process of lighting the fire to burn it down. Soon, it will be a massive blaze.

The once-promising promotion of TNA now got Hoganized, which basically means, it got screwed for Hogan to get a paycheck. I'm just saying.
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Beer Money, Inc. Considered Expendable.

-- Beer Money, Inc. — James Storm and Robert Roode — have been expressing their frustration to people backstage after they received word that TNA creative director Vince Russo said he didn't see them as top stars. Actually, Russo said that they were expendable, but the Pro Wrestling Torch notes that he may have been trying to send the outspoken Storm a message.

Storm was said to be very upset with Beer Money, Inc.'s limited role on the live Monday Night iMPACT! on Jan. 4. In one scene, they were shown shaking hands with Ric Flair upon his arrival to the Impact! Zone. Later that night, they were shown selling a beat down from an unidentified assailant.

It should be noted that there is no noticeable friction between the duo and Russo as observers say they get along fine backstage. (source:



Beer Money Inc, is "expendable" and the Nasty Boys make a comeback?

Hogan will never truly push young talent.

Hogan and Bishoff need to go or TNA will be gone and Vince will own another company. That's probably the reason Hogan is in TNA. To destroy it from within.
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Ric Flair
  • glician


I am worry about future of TNA...
For now I cant understand most of Hogan's CHANGES...

What your thoughts about current situation in TNA?
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